Mezzanine floor installations are a quick and economical way to expand your workplace.

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform supported by steel columns that is used to create intermediate levels between existing floors in a building. By making use of premises’ wasted overhead space, mezzanine floors create more space for storage and work areas.

Mezzanine floors can be used to create extra office, storage, production and even retail space.

With a range of different configuration options available, you can be sure to find a design that will suit the needs of your workplace.  Mezzanine floors can be installed with single or multiple tiers; lifts or access gates; handrails or partitioning, and wood or steel mesh decking.  Because of their exceptional versatility, the only thing you really need for a mezzanine floor installation is available height in your premises.

Every mezzanine we supply will be calculated and designed to meet your individual site and usage requirements. In most cases can be installed without the need for planning permission – as they are totally independent of the host building. You will however require Building Regulations Approval, for which we will submit all of the necessary documents (engineering drawings, calculations, specifications) on your behalf. Typically, approvals are turned around in just a few days

Choosing a mezzanine could save you the inconvenience of moving premises. For industrial sectors like production, warehousing and distribution choosing a mezzanine over relocation can also avoid production line closures and delays and reduce costs associated with shutting down and relocating your operations.

Our mezzanine flooring installations include new power, light and heat supply installations as required, fitted by fully qualified technicians and engineers.
We will design in essentials such as smoke detection, emergency lighting and fire exit signs and, beyond that, our design service ensures we clearly understand your requirements and can advise on any extra equipment you might need.

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