Delivered by a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector

At CSI, we understand how important it is to keep pallet racking installations maintained well, helping improve safety on site and increase the lifespan of the racking installation. This is why we offer rack safety awareness courses which are held at your site to show your staff how to conduct regular rack safety inspections.

Prices start at £1200

Well-suited for groups
of 6-8 delegates

Certificate is valid for 3 years

Delegates completing the course will each receive a certificate that lasts for 3 years

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Courses are available

The one-day course is presented by one of our SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) who will provide your staff with the required skills to inspect racking on a weekly basis. Well-suited for groups of 6-8 delegates, the course provides both information and hands on training. The course is divided into two sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session.

Upon completion of the course, your delegates will receive a certificate that lasts for 3 years.

How Your Business Benefits from a Rack Safety Awareness Course

Damage to pallet racking can be a costly problem for any business. Damage can result from overloading, vehicle collisions or a lack of maintenance – they can result in a loss of stock, injuries and even fatalities. This is why it is essential that pallet racking installations are maintained well and that everyone working in your warehouse understands safe working practices. A rack safety awareness course is an investment which will pay off time and time again, as warehouse staff know what to look out for when carrying out routine internal inspections in between annual inspections. Their knowledge will help them spot issues early, before accidents occur and expensive repairs are necessary.

Content of Our Rack Safety Awareness Course

Our rack safety awareness course consists of two sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session. Whilst the morning session focuses on theory, the afternoon session focuses on hands-on training whereby your staff apply the knowledge they acquired by surveying your racking installation on-site. Topics of the day include:

  • SEMA guidelines and codes of practice in relation to pallet rack inspections
  • Health & safety regulations relating to pallet racking inspections
  • The reasons why pallet racking inspections are required
  • Racking terminology and component identification
  • Types of damage that can occur, with group discussions on examples
  • Technical information on deflection limits, damage limitations and more
  • A question and answer session takes place after all slides have been covered
  • Delegates are taken into the warehouse to look for and identify damage
  • A short questionnaire is completed by delegates to finish the course

Annual Rack Inspections

Businesses are required to carry out SEMA approved rack inspections on an annual basis. Our SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors carry out comprehensive annual inspections of pallet racking and cantilever racking, providing you with detailed reports offering professional advice and highlighting areas that require attention. Learn more.