Weir Group

CSI provide a space-saving and secure work environment for engineering services firm Weir Group in their stores.

With over 140 years of experience and as global market leaders, Weir Group specialise in designing, manufacturing and delivering cutting-edge products and expert engineering services for the mineral, oil and gas and energy industries.

Weir Engineering Ltd were keen to modernise their facility in a way that would save space and increase security within their stores. With different departments having different needs, each would need to be individually assessed so that the right solutions were found for the right departments. Having forged a long-standing relationship with the Weir Group, CSI were able to secure this project in a competitive situation.

Working with the Weir facilities team and individual department managers from the beginning, the CSI team delivered distinct storage and workplace systems for each department working within the complex. Through developing an understanding of Weir’s workplace needs, CSI designed each unique installation to increase and maximise the available floor space in terms of workflow efficiency and storage.

Bott cabinets from the cubio range were selected for installation due to the diverse range of integrated storage options available as each department had to store varying tools and parts. Modularly designed, the cabinets could be adapted to suit each department’s requirements to produce multiple customised storage solutions within the project

With high quality materials used in production and featuring a contemporary design, the Bott cabinets provided an attractive and fresh feel to the Weir facility as per their modernisation requirements. As per Weir’s stipulation that the equipment should be able to stand up to heavy duty processes, the cabinets featured robust steel housing with up to a 1 tonne total capacity, galvanised shelves with 100kg U.D.L. capacity, as well as multiplex worktops that could take on most applications. Built in locking systems provided added security for Weir’s high-value equipment. Coloured bin kits also enabled Weir to organise and store their parts in a way that would increase efficiency through easy identification.

Built to last and highly flexible, the Bott equipment provided a long-term workshop and storage solution that could be adapted to evolve with any changing requitrements within any of the departments or growth within Weir Group.


Project Details

  • Client : Weir Engineering Services Ltd
  • Location : Alloa
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £15,000
  • Scope of Works : Modernisation of existing facilities.

On time and on budget, CSI designed and installed multiple diverse, space-saving and long-term workshop storage solutions for Weir Engineering Services Ltd providing a modern and secure environment throughout their entire facility. Customised to specifications, the installations could be adapted to any future requirements.



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