CSI are now offering Rack Safety Awareness Courses for businesses across the UK.

The storage company are pleased to announce that they now offer rack safety awareness courses which are held at the customers’ sites to show staff how to inspect pallet racking for damage.

“In addition to our UK-wide SEMA approved rack inspections, we are proud to expand our services by offering businesses the opportunity to book a rack safety awareness course for their staff. We understand how important it is to keep pallet racking installations well-maintained and our course provides staff with the required skills for spotting issues early, helping improve safety on site and increasing the lifespan of the installation,” said Robert Kennedy, Managing Director at CSI.

The courses will be run by a SEMA approved racking inspector with many years of industry experience carrying out racking inspections.

Damage to pallet racking can be a costly problem for businesses. It can be a result of overloading, vehicle collisions or a lack of maintenance, and result in a loss of stock, injuries and fatalities. By having staff trained in rack safety awareness, businesses can spot issues early, before accidents occur and expensive repairs are necessary. A rack safety awareness course is ideal for businesses that want to carry out routine internal inspections in between annual SEMA approved inspections.

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