We have added a range of industrial and office matting including non-slip, anti-fatigue and entrance matting to our product portfolio. The range includes Coba Orthomat, anti-fatigue matting which is ideal for industrial workplaces where employees have to stand throughout a large part of their workday, and COBAmat, interwoven PVC matting that is ideal for workstations.

Our range of matting is suitable for all industrial and office environments and includes specialist matting such as anti-static mats (ESD matting) and switchboard matting for use in front of high-voltage equipment.

Workplace matting is increasingly recognised to be important for improving workplace safety and for lowering the risk of accidents, slips and trips. The CSI product range includes safety matting for all industrial environments including areas with oil, water or chemical spillage.

Anti-fatigue matting works to prevent health issues that can stem from excessive standing, such as musculoskeletal disorders, including lower back pain and heart & circulatory problems. Anti-fatigue mats encourage regular foot movement even in static positions, promoting healthier circulation and improving the well-being of staff.

Please get in touch if you are have any questions or are interested in a free site survey or a sample. Our specialist product advisors are here to help on 08082392443 or by emailing us at info@csi-products.co.uk.

You can find our range of workplace and safety matting on www.csi-products.co.uk at the following links: workshop matting, entrance matting, changing room & leisure matting.

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