The Dexion Hi280 shelving system has decisively passed a battery of DNV GL conductivity tests. This means the shelving system can be used for the safe storage of electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) if they are placed in appropriate anti-static packaging.

The conductivity tests verify that the shelving system possesses metallic continuity: A property which contributes towards the Hi280’s very low resistance to ground when grounded. Static charges are unable to accumulate on the shelf when it is grounded, whilst statically-charged objects placed on the shelving will rapidly discharge.

The resistance between the grounding point and the top of the shelving bay was measured at a value of 3.1 mΩ.

Dexion Hi280 is a versatile industrial shelving solution which is completely flexible thanks to its modular design and the wide range of accessories which are compatible with the system. Hi280 is suitable for many applications, is fully customisable for adaptation to individual storage requirements and can be used in most industrial and commercial environments. Applications include: Narrow aisle, mobile and multi-tier shelving.

You can find out more about Dexion Hi280 shelving on our Dexion Store website.

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