BBC News published an article today highlighting the importance of investing in flood protection for homes in high risk areas.

The article says, “Hundreds of thousands of householders in flood risk areas have failed to install basic protection against rising waters.” Part of the issue appears to be ambiguity over who is responsible for flood protection, with the Environment Agency requesting that insurers should make homes resilient to floods when reinstating them after flooding. Insurers, in turn, are frustrated with homeowners not taking responsibility to flood-proof their homes.

According to the article, research suggests that precautionary measures are excellent value with a cost-benefit ratio of over £5 for every £1 invested in terms of reduced damages. However, insurers and householders are hesitating to install flood prevention measures in homes and businesses in high-risk areas, despite government grants of up to £5,000 being available for the flood-proofing of properties that have previously been flooded.

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Other suggestions for minimising flood damage to your home or business are to raise plugs, fuse boxes and damp-proof courses.

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