CSI upgrade Apache Corporation’s warehouse with customised installation of Dexion P90 Standard Wide Aisle Racking.

Founded in 1954, Apache Corporation are one of the leading companies involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas in the world. With operations in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Canada and UK North Sea, they are always adapting to new environments and pioneering in their field.

Having taken on several new projects, Apache were looking to increase the storage capacity of their warehouse to allow them to store the additional materials needed for these ventures. With very limited space, any installation would need to be carefully planned and take account of Apache’s facility procedures. CSI managed to secure this project despite facing competition from a company that had provided two previous installations for the client. CSI won the project by impressing Apache with experience, product knowledge and by offering Dexion storage products that set industry standards of reliability, durability and adaptability.

Following on from a comprehensive survey of their facility, CSI held meetings with Apache’s representatives to discuss the various weights and dimensions of the prospective pallets as some of the items to be stored were large and unwieldy. A pallet racking system that was exactly tailored to Apache’s precise storage requirements could then be designed.

Dexion P90 standard wide aisle pallet racking was chosen for its ability to store all types of pallet, high load capacity and its customisable and modular nature. CAD drawings were provided to achieve the best layout of the new racking system within the tight footprint in terms of storage capacity and workflow efficiency. CSI also reconfigured Apache’s existing racking system to help provide extra storage space for the installation and the facility.

A racking system that provided storage space for 210 specifically designed pallets was installed by the experienced CSI team. The layout of the installation allowed Apache to take full advantage of the modular nature of the Dexion products if their storage requirements changed in the future. Compliant with all SEMA regulations, the P90 racking system also had a range of features that would aid in Apache’s site safety and ensure a long-lasting and durable solution. A snag free surface of the pallet carrying rail allowed for smooth and safe picking and loading and the high quality corrosion resistant materials used in the manufacture provided durability and reliability.


Project Details

  • Client : Apache Corporation
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £15,500
  • Scope of Works : Design, supply and installation of Dexion P90 Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking and reconfiguration of existing racking.

On time and within budget, CSI delivered a long-lasting and durable pallet racking system that perfectly matched Apache’s storage needs. The design of the system and the reconfiguration of existing racking allowed additional space to be found within Apache’s facility. The warehouse not only increased in storage capacity, a new laydown area for the placing and sorting of stock was gained by the installation process. The layout and the racking installed would allow for additional pallet and bulk storage to be gained in the future if required.



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