CSI help logistical services giant Peterson to fit out two new warehouses for their clients.

With a long history of working in a variety of different industries, Peterson’s focus is on delivering integrated logistics services to some of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. Peterson provide cost-effective and inventive supply chain solutions while never compromising on their own high standards of safety.

Peterson had recently built two new warehouse facilities for some of their own new and existing clients. They required storage systems to be installed that would allow the optimum use of the two facilities in terms of space, storage and workflow. CSI managed to secure this project against heavy competition by displaying expert product knowledge and professionalism on previously completed installations for Peterson.

Extensive meetings and discussions were held with the client to determine what was being stored, how many pallets were required and what could be used as a laydown area that would give the maximum benefit to the work processes taking place within the facilities. There were a series of logistical problems to be overcome in the design process such as the proximity of the installation to fire exits and the volume of the buildings. Full CAD drawings were produced for Peterson to discuss with their clients and the optimal layouts chosen.

As a wide variety of pallets were to be stored in the first warehouse, different types of racking were installed. Dexion P90 standard wide aisle pallet racking provided space for the storage of 1000 standard pallets, while Wickens heavy duty pallet racking supplied storage for 108 heavier pallets. To allow extra floor space and accommodate larger items that could not be stored on standard racking, 276 larger pallet spaces were provided by double deep racking.

For the second warehouse Dexion standard wide aisle pallet racking was installed allowing for the storage of 792 pallets.

The design plans and modular products chosen for both warehouses allowed for alteration or expansion to match any future storage requirements. Coupled with robust and intelligent design processes, this ensured a long service life for the systems installed. End barriers and column guards were fitted on all the racking of both systems to comply with SEMA codes of practice.


Project Details

  • Client : Peterson
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Logistics and Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £138,000
  • Scope of Works : Full design, supply and installation of heavy duty standard wide aisle and heavy duty double deep pallet racking for 2 new warehouse facilities.

By working closely with Peterson and taking the time to understand the logistical processes of their clients’ warehouse operations, CSI was able to install two racking systems that were precisely tailored to their respective storage needs. The storage solutions provided the optimum utilisation of the space in both warehouses for maximum profitability.

Client comments:

“CSI supplied an installation that is attractive and provides better utilisation of the warehouse space”

“I was concerned whether the installation would fit within the available space and whether it would be too close to the fire exits of the buildings. However, CSI were able to allay my fears by providing a quick and professionally managed installation, showing great expertise within the field”.

Idwer Stolk

Support Services Manager, Peterson.



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