Baker Hughes

CSI increases Baker Hughes warehouse storage by installing new Dexion pallet racking system

Baker Hughes engineer reliable, application-specific products and services designed to lower costs, reduce risks and improve productivity throughout the oil and gas industry. The Company’s innovative research and development centres push the boundaries of technology finding solutions for progressively complex technical challenges. Baker Hughes is a Global company employing approximately 58,000 staff in more than 80 countries worldwide.

A longstanding client, Baker Hughes commissioned CSI (formerly ESE) to design, supply and install a new and efficient Dexion pallet racking system in their Aberdeen warehouse to replace existing equipment which was in poor condition. Alterations to the rack arms were also required as the existing arms were spaced too far apart, forcing operatives to store materials on top of each other.

The project included the complete design, supply and installation of Dexion heavy-duty racking system which enabled Baker Hughes to increase the horizontal space available for storing long and heavy tubular materials by removing the vertical uprights from the front of the racking.

CSI provided a solution that increased the height of the new racking system and the number of rack arms per column but enabled Baker Hughes to store all of materials securely and effectively.

As part of the project, CSI was also responsible for dismantling and disposing of the existing racking. Working in phases, with the close co-operation of the client, CSI solutions team was able to make efficient use of available space with minimal disruption to Baker Hughes’ day to day business operations.

Maintaining a consultative approach, working in partnership with Baker Hughes, CSI advised and coordinated with building contractors to successfully deliver the full installation on time, within budget and to the client’s complete satisfaction.


Project Details

  • Client : Baker Hughes
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £92,582
  • Scope of Works : Racking

Thanks to the additional height gained from the new racking system, Baker Hughes was able to significantly increase the warehouse storage capacity providing more than enough additional storage space to allow increased stock holding in the future. By moving the rack arms closer together Baker Hughes is able to store equipment and materials safely and correctly. As operatives are no longer required to remove two or three tubes in order to reach the one at the bottom Baker Hughes has streamlined their warehouse picking process saving themselves valuable time and resources.



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