Dolphin Drilling

CSI complete upgrade of existing facility and install customised storage system in new warehouse for Dolphin Drilling Ltd.

A long standing name in offshore drilling, Dolphin Drilling Limited have worked in most of the prominent offshore oil and gas provinces in the world. With a focus on deep water activity, they currently operate in some of the harshest offshore environments.

Having recently built a new warehouse facility and also possessing an existing warehouse, Dolphin Drilling required both of these to be installed with storage systems that would allow them to take on several new projects that they had won within their industry. CSI were directly approached by the client for this project as a result of having the requisite industry experience and offering industry leading Dexion products that will be available for a long time.

CSI conducted surveys and storage audits of both sites to determine the exact storage requirements and potential capabilities of each facility.

For the newer warehouse both P90 standard wide aisle and heavy duty cantilever racking were supplied and installed. The layout and specifications of both types of racking were designed to maximise the storage capabilities of the facility in terms of loading capacity and number of pallets or long materials stored.

CSI then discussed the existing warehouse operations and provided a design that would increase the storage capacity of the facility by 50%. The older Dexion speedlock MK3 racking system was dismantled to make way for P90 standard wide aisle and heavy duty cantilever racking.

Both racking systems allowed Dolphin Drilling to store the pallets and tubular materials required to be kept as spares and repairs for the various contracts that they had won. The installations were planned around the operations taking place in both facilities to allow maximum benefit to workflow efficiency, with materials needed for projects being on hand as needed. The systems could also be added to or amended in the future as Dolphin’s business operations changed, providing storage solutions that were a long term investment.


Project Details

  • Client : Dolphin Drilling Ltd
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £30,000
  • Scope of Works : Design, supply and installation of Dexion P90 standard wide aisle and heavy duty cantilever racking.

By taking the time to understand the requirements of both Dolphins’ facilities, CSI provided aesthetically pleasing and bespoke storage solutions that maximised both warehouses in terms of storage capabilities and workflow efficiency. On time and on budget, the final installations would allow Dolphin to amend the systems in the future.



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