Jula was founded in 1979 and grew from its beginnings as a wood chipper manufacturer to an international Building and DIY products retailer.

Rising sales and interest in Jula’s product line over time were fuelled by the introduction of a mail order catalogue and web sales, combined with the success of Jula’s stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland.

As customer demand for Jula’s products and spare parts continued to grow, so too did the warehouse storage space required to efficiently meet that demand.

While achieving great success and growth overtime Jula were having to continually revise their storage solutions, and repeatedly under-go warehouse extensions.

As Jula once again reached the storage capacity of their warehouse, the need for a new 47,000 square metre extension was identified.

A New Mobile Pallet Racking (MOVO) ‘Compact Extension’

The new warehouse extension functions as storage facility containing pallets filled with items, which are picked and then shipped to Jula’s stores directly.

The extension is comprised of a substantial Mobile Pallet Racking (MOVO) installation, which was carried out in two phases; 7,500 metres of rail cast by a 10-man crew over 11 weeks during Phase 1, and completion of MOVO racking block installations in Phase 2.

In terms of system controls, the mobile racking control system was connected to Jula’s existing WMS, and the MOVO trolleys are controlled by a Siemens software system.


Project Details

  • Client : Jula
  • Location : Sweden
  • Sector : Retail
  • Scope of Works : Warehouse extension, utilising MOVO mobile pallet racking system.

The Mobile Pallet Racking extension has provided Jula with an addition 110,000 pallet spaces – nearly doubling the storage capacity of their central warehouse.

Further to the significant storage space increase, several additional features were included in this installation to improve operations: “This pallet racking has been well equipped with a number of optional accessories, e.g. night mode and centrally managed lighting. Jula has really optimised functionality” – Peter Johansson, Jula Sales Manager

Lennar Karlsson, Jula Logistics Manager, elaborated on the operational benefits of connecting the mobile racking control system with Jula’s WMS: “An investment of this size has to be efficient. We have achieved this by connecting the new racking with our WMS. In future we will be able to operate with fewer staff. All management and picking will take place via WMS, the system will show the way and co-ordinate the operation of our 4 picking trucks. Our new 47,000m2 holds the same capacity as the original 100,000 m2 footprint.”

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