CSI’s expertise provides complete refurbishment of maintenance workshop area for SNBTS.

Working at the heart of the National Health Service, SNBTS is the specialist provider of high quality blood, tissues, cells and services in Scotland. Through working with communities, hospitals and professionals, SNBTS ensures that there are no shortages of blood in the country while also implementing measures that safeguard the future.

SNBTS required a complete refurbishment of the maintenance area in their facility. The new work area had to be organised in a secure, efficient and productive manner, while providing more working space and a clean and tidy environment. Following on from a long-term and successful relationship with SNBTS and the protein fractionation centre, CSI were invited to take on this project by the client.

The key to a successful solution for this project was to understand the ergonomics of workflow and the methods of operation at SNBTS. CSI met with and worked alongside SNBTS’s facilities manager and technicians in order to properly understand these models. This included a storage audit of all tools, equipment, spare parts and manuals coupled with an analysis of the application of the workshop and the number of people working in the area. It was understood that a place for every item was to be provided, that these were to be accessible and that valuable items were to be secured, whilst still providing open and clear work areas.

Bott cubio cabinets and workbenches with grey lino worktops, inlay mats, metal and plastic dividers and plastic storage bins were supplied and installed. Some small parts storage – louvred panels and storage bins – were reused as part of a cost-saving exercise. The Bott cabinets and workbenches were chosen for their hard-wearing and ergonomic design, providing a workplace that would be durable and beneficial to workflow. The grey lino top provided a surface that was oil and water resistant and easy to clean, promoting a hygienic and tidy work area that was ideally suited to the applications SNBTS were undertaking. The inlay mats, metal and plastic dividers and plastic storage bins aided in the easy identification and location of the various tools in the workshop. Locking systems that come as standard throughout the cubio range supplied the required security for valuable tools and parts.

From the providing of CAD drawings for design, through to the agreeing of the final concept and installation, there was input from all involved parties throughout the project. This ensured that the final solution was tailor-made to exactly match the needs of SNBTS and the project ran smoothly with minimum disruption to their operations. All was completed on time and on budget.


Project Details

  • Client : Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
  • Location : Edinburgh
  • Sector : Healthcare
  • Project Value : £10,000
  • Scope of Works : Full turnkey outfit involving the refurbishment of maintenance stores.

The maintenance area provided by CSI allowed for better speed of process and more storage to be realised within the tight footprint. Stock-taking analysis and the tracking of valuable tools and parts could be quickly and easily achieved. The system could also be added to or relocated as and when SNBTS’s needs changed.



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