CSI install an attractive and space-saving solution using Bott Cubio cabinets and cupboards for media giant BSkyB’s Livingston and Dunfermline stores areas.

One of the leading media companies in the UK, BSkyB provide their customers with high quality satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone services. Focusing on content, technology and customer experience, BSkyB is the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK with over 10,000,000 subscribers.

BSkyB wanted to modernise their existing engineers’ stores areas at both their Livingston and Dunfermline operations. With limited space available, the workshop area had to be maximised in terms of storage, security and workflow. BSkyB also specified that they required attractive and colour co-ordinated working environments. CSI successfully quoted for and won this project following a long and established relationship with the client.

Working alongside BSkyB’s facility managers, CSI took the time to understand their precise requirements in terms of workflow, aesthetics, security and storage. A solution that exactly matched BSkyB’s workplace needs could then be designed and installed.

Bott cabinets and cupboards from the Cubio range were chosen to be installed to optimise the restricted space in terms of storage. The equipment was ergonomically arranged to suit their workflow and a range of custom finishing options offered BSkyB the choice of the requisite colour scheme for their workplace. Locking systems that come as standard throughout the Cubio range provided the necessary security for BSkyB’s operations. To further benefit BSkyB’s workflow, colour co-ordinated integrated plastic containers were supplied so that their various parts had an easy identifiable and secure location.

The modular nature of the Bott equipment afforded BSkyB the opportunity to adapt their stores area in line with any future requirements. Heavy-duty and robust, the Bott products supplied also feature a ten-year guarantee as standard giving the client an assurance in the quality of the product and the long-lasting nature of the solution.

As the Bott equipment increased BSkyB’s storage capacity, the experienced CSI team dismantled existing shelving to offer even more space within their stores area. With just under half their floor space open, this provided BSkyB with a more appealing, organised and spacious workplace.


Project Details

  • Client : BSkyB
  • Location : Livingston and Dunfermline
  • Sector : Media
  • Project Value : £10,000
  • Scope of Works : Full workshop fit-out and modification.

CSI delivered an ergonomic and attractive workshop, on time and on budget, that increased storage and saved valuable space in BSkyB’s stores. This tailor-made solution was made possible by working with the client and understanding their workplace needs. The installation will save BSkyB future costs by delivering a long-lasting and highly adaptable solution.



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