University of Dundee

CSI fit out new central archive storage facility for Dundee University.

The University of Dundee is one of the leading providers of higher education and research in Scotland and the UK, with an international reputation for excellence in medicine, dentistry and the life sciences. They are consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world and currently enrol more than 17,000 students.

Operating several campuses within Dundee, all with their own book and manuscript repository, the university was keen to consolidate these individual repositories into one large archive that could service the remote campuses in a short space of time. Space was limited, both in the available footprint for the project and in the height of the building. Dundee University required an installation that delivered maximum storage and allowed for safe and easy access. CSI (formerly ESE) successfully tendered for this project by impressing the client with extensive previous experience in serving the education sector and expert product knowledge.

Following an in depth consultation period with university representatives and a detailed site survey, CSI developed a storage plan that would allow over 250,000 books to be stored within the facility. Bruynzeel Mobile shelving was selected for the installation as it maximised the available space while providing safe and easy access and allowing for future adaptation.

The shelving installed was specifically designed to use and maximise all of the available space in the building in terms of footprint and height, doubling the storage capacity of the facility. This met Dundee University’s requirements for all of the books to be stored in one place. Highly adaptable, the shelving units would enable Dundee University to expand or reconfigure their archive in the future as more books were procured for research and study. The ergonomic hand wheel also ensured minimal effort was required in operation and the system was quick and easy to use for the university staff and librarians. Due to utilising the full height of the building and the weight load of the number of books, anti-tilt rail hooks were fitted to the bases and rails of the shelving to provide added safety and security for both the university staff and books.


Project Details

  • Client : University of Dundee
  • Location : Dundee
  • Sector : Education
  • Project Value : £100,000
  • Scope of Works : Full turnkey project involving the design and installation of mobile archive shelving.

CSI accomplished a vast rooftop consolidation for Dundee University, helping to free-up much needed space across the university estate for other functions and operations. Completed on time and on budget, the installation perfectly matched Dundee University’s storage requirements. The finished solution allowed them to store their vast archive of books and manuscripts in one building while providing space for additional books and could be seamlessly adjusted to meet future challenges.



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