CSI maximise storage and workflow for Transocean in new warehouse facility with customised storage solution.

With one of the world’s most versatile fleets, Transocean provide offshore drilling services for the energy industry specialising in deepwater and harsh environment drilling. Focusing on safety and high quality offshore drilling implementation, Transocean have more than 50 years of experience in their field.

Having recently built a new warehouse facility, Transocean required a storage system that would effectively maximise their space in terms of storage capacity and workflow. Transocean directly invited CSI to take on the project after being impressed with the level of professionalism displayed in several other completed installations.

As the new facility was still being built, no site survey could be conducted. CSI therefore worked closely with Transocean from concept to completion to understand their precise storage needs. CAD drawings of several layouts based upon the specifications of the building plans were provided to assist Transocean in visualising the final installation. Transocean then selected the layout they felt best suited their operations.

The selection of Dexion P90 Standard Wide Aisle pallet racking allowed for flexibility in layout and quick and complete access to all pallets stored, meaning the available space could be maximised in terms of workflow efficiency. The standard wide aisle racking would also be able to cope with the heavier bulky and unwieldy items to be stored. A total of 48 bays of racking with a loading capacity of 2 tonnes per level and 6 tonnes per bay were installed by the experienced CSI team. Timber decking was fixed to all levels of the racking to enable it to support any oddly sized pallets that would not fit on traditional racking, allowing Transocean to store any additional materials they might need. In order to make the racking comply with SEMA guidelines and ensure a long life for the system, column guards and end rails were fixed to all appropriate parts of the racking.


Project Details

  • Client : Transocean
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £23,700
  • Scope of Works : Design, supply and installation of Dexion P90 standard wide aisle pallet racking.

CSI installed a pallet racking system that perfectly matched Transocean’s needs, allowing them to store all the materials they required while maximising their workflow efficiency. The solution was also a long term one, as the entire system was fully modular and adaptable to evolve with any changing storage requirements.



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