Peter Vardy

CSI refurbish one of Peter Vardy’s dealerships with bespoke automotive storage solution.

Peter Vardy are one of the leading new and used car dealerships in Scotland. With a focus on colleague and customer satisfaction, Peter Vardy maintain a fresh approach to motor retailing that makes them stand out against other dealerships.

Peter Vardy were refurbishing their BMW dealership and required the installation of a specialised automotive storage system for their back-of-house operations. With limited space and a huge variety of parts, any storage solution would need to be highly tailored to the situation. CSI won this project in a competitive situation by offering the best price.

CSI held meetings with Peter Vardy representatives to discuss their operations, work processes and the number, weight and dimensions of the materials to be stored. Following on from this, a comprehensive storage audit and detailed site survey were both conducted. CSI then provided CAD drawings of several storage system layouts, allowing Peter Vardy to choose the one they felt most suited their work processes and storage needs. A customised storage solution that matched the client’s requirements could then be installed.

Dexion Standard Hi280 shelving was chosen as the basis of the storage system due to the full range of specialised accessories available to tailor the system to different automotive materials. The installation encompassed 49 bays of shelving with a loading capacity of 150kg U.D.L. per shelf, for a total of 300 linear metres of storage. The system included bay dividers for the vertical storage of long goods and exhausts, loop dividers for windscreens and bulky parts, and shelf dividers for the separation and easy location of smaller items. Maxi-bins were also provided for the storage of nuts and bolts. The system was completely customised to match the storage audit specifications with a place provided for all materials.

In a separate installation, a mezzanine floor, measuring 13.25m by 7.5m for 92m² of additional floor space, was built to provide further storage potential and free up extra floor space within the facility. Logistics were a factor throughout the installations, as there were several other building projects taking place within the facility. The CSI team had to work around these on both jobs while minimising the disruption to the client’s operations. Despite these obstacles, the experienced CSI team completed the project on time and on budget.


Project Details

  • Client : Peter Vardy
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Automotive
  • Project Value : £7,800
  • Scope of Works : Supply and installation of Dexion Hi280 standard shelving and construction of mezzanine floor.

CSI provided Peter Vardy with a customised automotive storage solution that perfectly matched their requirements. The Hi280 shelving system maximised the storage capacity in the limited space, as well as organising the materials stored for the benefit of workflow efficiency. Additional work and storage space was provided by the mezzanine floor, which also freed up extra ground floor space for other uses. This allowed a more pleasing work environment and potentially saved the cost of an expensive extension to the facility.



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