CSI deliver competitively priced storage system in new warehouse facility for Petrofac.

A leading FTSE 100 company, Petrofac deliver integrated and stand-alone services to the international oil and gas industry. With 31 offices operating in 29 countries, they currently employ more than 18,000 people worldwide.

Petrofac were building a new warehouse facility and required a storage system that would be able to cope with the heavy loads and unwieldy materials they used in the construction of machinery for use offshore, as well as the finished machinery itself. CSI was able to win the tender for this project by offering a competitively priced comprehensive storage solution.

Prior to the installation, CSI met with the operations manager at Petrofac and conducted a thorough site survey to determine the correct storage solution for their requirements. Several layouts were proposed and CAD drawings were produced to help the client to visualise the finished installation.

Due to the heavy loads and bulky materials to be stored, Dexion P90 Standard Wide Aisle pallet racking was chosen to be installed for its heavy duty capacity and modular design. Overall, 24 bays of racking were provided over two installations, one of 14 bays and one of 10 bays. The racking had a loading capacity of 9 tonnes per bay and 3 tonnes per level, allowing all of Petrofac’s bulky and unwieldy materials to be stored. Column guards and end barriers were supplied with the racking to comply with SEMA guidelines, while anti-collapse mesh was fixed on the back to stop any items falling off, providing extra safety. As the installation was taking place outside, the entire system had a pre-galvanised finish to protect it from the elements, ensuring it would have a long service life.

The experienced CSI team was able to complete the installation quickly and easily, allowing Petrofac to make their facility operational at the earliest opportunity.


Project Details

  • Client : Petrofac
  • Location : Aberdeen
  • Sector : Oil and Gas
  • Project Value : £12,400
  • Scope of Works : Supply, design and installation of Dexion P90 standard wide aisle racking system.

By taking the time to understand their precise storage requirements, CSI was able to supply and install a tailor-made storage solution that allowed Petrofac to store all of their difficult and heavy materials. The system was fully protected and modular, providing for future adaptation and allowing long-term safety and security.



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